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Short Sticks (Bundle of 60): 22 grams
Short Sticks (Pack of 160): 60 grams
10 Bundles of Short Sticks (Bundles of 40): 220 grams

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Shyukohkoku literally means ‘Gathering of Incense Nations’. It gathers together precious incense ingredients which are traditionally traded along The Silk Road into a scent of elegant beauty. The Silk Road also known as The Incense Trail delivered Buddhism to Japan and with it ritual incense practices.

Shukohkoku captures the essence of the orient, rich complex and harmonious. It contains some of the highest grade and content of fine Aloeswood along with cassia (cinnamon), clove, borneol, Indian sandalwood, and a mixture of other Chinese herbs primary in ancient incense formulas.

Please note:

Short Sticks: 14cm Long
Long Sticks: 28cm Long

Box Type

Short Sticks (Bundle of 60), Short Sticks (Pack of 160), 10 Bundles of Short Sticks (Bundles of 40)

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