Kokonoe Koh


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Kokonoe Koh, means ‘Incense of the Imperial Palace’ and evokes a moving sense of regal beauty and nobility. It radiates a blissful symphony of radiant floral heart notes in a luxurious base of fine Vietnamese Aloeswood, Indian Sandalwood, Cassia, Clove, and Borneol.

This is a very impressive and outstanding incense creation! An exquisite beauty you will never forget.

Kokonoe Koh was originally created in 1903 and still receives royal patronage to this day. To commemorate a centenary of production Kokonoe koe has been repackaged in 2003 in truly elegant form. It really is a crown jewel of Baieido incence design.

Please note:

Short Sticks: 14cm Long
Long Sticks: 28cm Long

Box Type

Short Sticks (Bundle of 60), 10 Bundles of Short Sticks (Bundles of 60)

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