Baieido Japanese Incense

The Baieido incense product range featured on this site includes the Baieido Main Line of traditional incense products along with a select range of modern ambience incense lines and select exclusive premium products.

Most mass marketed incense these days is formulated with cheap aroma chemicals with dubious health effects and a harsh overbearing aroma. Traditional Japanese Incense remains a remaining bastion of fine botanical incense art.

Traditional Japanese Incense artisans have uniquely preserved ancient natural formulations grounded in oriental medicinal herbalism to promote good health and spiritual well being. Baieido has lead the development of Japanese Incense arts for over 300 years as a figurehead in the industry. Baieido Incense was established in 1657 in Sakai City near Osaka Japan. In unbroken tradition Baieido continues to produce profoundly beautiful incense products.

For more information about Baieido Incense and Japanese Incense traditions follow the links here:!about-baieido/c17jp

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Showing 1–12 of 18 results

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