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Personalized Custom Perfumes

Prima Materia pure and natural botanical perfumes are crafted from a wide array of the finest natural ingredients in a time honored artisan tradition.

A vast array of select botanical extracts including essential oils, absolutes and plant resins are artfully blended in pure organic alcohol to produce perfume products glowing with refinement and subtle sophistication.

Prima Materia Botanical Perfumes offer a beautiful healthy alternative to mass marketed modern synthetic perfume products. The advent of synthetics in the modern era has led to the loss of traditional artisan skills in working with pure botanical ingredients. Recent decades of research and development have driven a resurgence of these lost arts by devoted enthusiasts which has rekindled the market appreciation for traditional botanical perfumery.

Mass marketed commercial perfume prices are famously comprised of over 90% marketing and packaging costs and less than 10% actual perfume material cost. Cheap synthetic aroma chemicals used with a heavy hand are often quite vulgar and even sickening for those sensitive to them inducing nausea and headaches.

A wondrous realm of seductive beauty and fascinating subtlety awaits those who reach for this alternative world of natural botanical scents. With decades of devoted study of materials and extensive artistic experience we can create a personalized scent for you which compliments your individual sensibilities and expresses your unique personality.

Our customized perfumes are offered at customized pricing. Starting at about the price of most mass marketed ‘designer’ perfumes we can tailor individual personalized creations for daily wear right up to ultra precious stand out concentrated glory statements featuring lashings of the rarest and most stunning materials in beautiful harmonious balance.

Please use the enquiry form link below to begin the journey of creation of your own botanical perfume gem.

Product Scenting Services

Prima Materia has extensive experience in botanical scent formulation for natural cosmetics ranging from face moisturizers to sulphate free shampoos.

Naturally fragranced candle design is also our forte with a large range of captivating developed scents to choose from to suit any budget.

Public Space and Performance Scenting Services

Prima Materia has specialized extensive experience in the scenting of public spaces ranging from signature scents for yoga studios to acclaimed large scale international live theater and dance performance shows.

Please contact us for more information and references and to discuss possibilities.



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Sahna is a traditional refreshing eau de toilette uniquely created from only the finest pure botanical extracts and essential oils.

An array of traditionally refreshing and intriguing exotic ingredients impart a clarity with depth and complexity for everyday enjoyment.

Contains pure botanical extracts of Lavender, Bergamot, Elemi, Frankincense, Myrtle, Ho Leaf, Clove, Yuzu and many other fine botanical extracts in a pure alcohol base.

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Short Sticks (Pack of 80), Short Sticks (Pack of 200)

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