Welcome to Prima Materia Botanical Perfumes and Aromatics. Here you will find a wonderful world of precious natural scents and aromatics created from pure botanical ingredients.

Our mission is to enliven and enrich our living environment with the ravishing beauty of sublime botanical aromas. Scent is a portal to deep emotion. Through nature’s diverse botanical scents we aspire to promote good health and beauty.

Our products encompass a unique eclectic selection of outstanding essential oils, incense and other aromatic materials which stand alone as pure botanical aromatic gems to collect and savor. We also offer a wide array of Botanical Perfumery Products and Services for discerning enthusiasts and commercial clients.

We also specialize in natural candle scent formulation services.

Prima Materia has particular extensive experience in pioneering Public Venue Scenting in the arts and entertainment realm. We also specialize in the natural scenting of commercial environments such as yoga studios where a signature scent is becoming a sought after branding edge and a seductive environmental enhancement.

Baieido Japanese Incense is also available here. Baieido Incense embodies the traditional elegance and refinement of Japanese culture with the therapeutic benefits of oriental herbal medicine. Baieido Incense has been formulated with traditional herbal ingredients unchanged for hundreds of years to enhance meditation and general enjoyment and relaxation.

The Baieido incense product range featured on this site includes the Baieido Main Line of traditional products along with a select range of modern ambience incense lines and select exclusive premium products.

Botanical perfumery services

Our botanical perfumery services span a wide domain ranging from the creation of customized personal perfumes to the scenting of commercial products and scenting of public spaces.

With extensive commercial expertise in scenting of natural personal care products from shampoos to massage oils to facial cosmetics we aim to cater to discerning consumers who appreciate beautiful natural aromas in their lives.


Personalised Custom Perfume Creation…

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